FSS B.V. is part of the large Filmotechnic family and specializes in sales, initial service and training for the entire range of equipment developed and produced by Filmotechnic.


Filmotechnic Sales & Services (FSS B.V.)
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The series of ultra lightweight telescopic camera cranes Technoscope are engineered to offer an unprecedented filming experience.


    • U-Crane Telescope

      U-Crane Telescope

      Our legendary Academy Award-winning Autorobot U-Crane has an optional feature, a telescoping arm.

    • U-Crane


      Our legendary Academy Award winning U-CRANE has a reputation for reliability, innovation, outstanding mobility and filming productivity.

    • U-Crane Dynamic

      U-Crane Dynamic

      The U-Crane Dynamic is a high performance robotic camera arm for dynamic filming.


    • Flight Head Q2

      Flight Head Q2

      Introducing our newest stabilized Flight Head Q2 designed to provide stability and versatility in capturing high-quality footage.

    • Flight Head TV

      Flight Head TV

      The 3-Axis gyrostabilized Flight Head TV is our newest remote head engineered for the broadcast industry. It fits any Mitchell mount camera crane or platform.

    • Flight Head FALCON

      Flight Head FALCON

      The 3-axis gyro-stabilized Flight Head Falcon is one of our newest carbon fiber remote camera heads.

    • Flight Head 6S

      Flight Head 6S

      The Academy Award winning Flight Head is a true workhorse of the film industry. It is known to be one of the most reliable, user-friendly and powerful remote heads in the industry.

    • Flight Head Apex Mini

      Flight Head Apex Mini

      The Flight Head Apex Mini is a 3 axis stabilized camera remote head that meets every cinematic need and is lightweight yet highly rigid for the vast majority of cameras.

    • Flight Head Colibri

      Flight Head Colibri

      The 3-axis stabilized Flight Head Colibri is a precisely engineered carbon fiber remote head with direct drive motor technology to enhance your filming experiences.


    • Zero Rain Deflector

      Zero Rain Deflector

      The ZERO Rain Deflector unique dual motor configuration with power management micro processors delivers a powerful, highly effective rain deflector in a compact, light-weight design.

    • Zero Mini Rain Deflector

      Zero Mini Rain Deflector

      The newly designed ZERO MINI Rain Deflector is lighter and smaller then our original ZERO. It is made to work on small gimbals such as Ronin 2 and Movi Pro.

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