Unfortunately, the Scissor Crane Mini is no longer available for sale.

Scissor Crane is a unique telescoping jib, manufactured by Filmotechnic. It is completely manual, which make it very easy to use, incredibly light and silent. The compactness and lightness make Scissor Crane a perfect tool to use in hard to get to places and small spaces.

  • Telescope Travel Range from 1 m to 4.80m (3.80m of travel) / 3’3″ – 16′ (12’6″ of travel)
  • Carbon Fiber Arm weighs only 31kg
  • Payload is 25kg
  • Perfect tool to pair with Flight Head Mini, Ronin 2


Arm Weight – 31kg / 70lbs
Payload – 35kg / 77 lbs
Telescopic Travel Range 99cm / 3’3″ – 490cm / 16′ (366cm / 12’6″ of travel)
Max Height 490cm / 16′ (with standard base)
Back End Extended – 182cm / 6′
Back End Collapsed – 60cm / 2’8″
Tilt Angle +/- 50 degrees
Does not require a technician
Arm is purely mechanical (including telescoping)
Does not need Electrical Power
Mitchell Based Fulcrum (able to mount on any Mitchell based platform)

Remote Head Options
Flight Head Mini
Flight Head Colibri
DJI Ronin 2
Movi Pro
Shotover G1

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