The Flight Head Apex Mini is a 3 axis stabilized camera remote head that meets every cinematic need and is lightweight yet highly rigid for the vast majority of cameras. Apex Mini eliminates unwanted shake and vibration during fast and rough camera moves delivering high performance, responsive, precise and smooth operation. It has sufficient power to manoeuvre a camera with a large zoom lens and can be mounted to any type of camera crane, boat, camera car, cable rig. Apex is a perfect head for studio work and all kind of tracking shots.

  • Accepts most of popular motion picture and broadcast cameras
  • Lens drive interface for Canon and Fujinon broadcast lenses
  • Cmotion, WCU4 and Preston (zoom) compatible
  • Control: joystick console, handwheel, panbar
  • Versatile and user-friendly design
  • Intuitive touch screen display
  • Quick release camera plate
  • Open architecture design
  • Mount type: Mitchell
  • Underslung / Overslung
  • Angular position indication
  • Recorded moves
  • Wired / Wireless
  • Custom horizon
  • Bluetooth app
  • Hold position
  • PID presets
  • No drift
  • Limits


Effective stabilization throughout 250mm focal length
Pan limit: 360°
Tilt limit: +70°, -250°
Roll limit: ±32°, auto or steerable horizon
Speeds: 120°/sec
Operating temperature range: from -25°C up to +40°C
Weight: 24kg
Payloads: up to 45kg


Voltage: 28-32V DC
Stand by: 1.5A
Dynamic Max (short time): 45A

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