At just 0.75m tall and 3.63m long, the U-CRANE Dynamic is one of the most versatile tools within the Filmotechnic family. With no counterweight system, the Dynamic is much smaller, lower, and lighter, making it more agile than any other arm. This camera crane is 2-Axis Gyro Stabilized and capable of 360° panning, tilting 45° up and 25° down. Controlled by a joystick console from inside the arm car, it is the perfect tool for a wide range of impressively stable, smooth, and very dynamic shots. It allows you to shoot under low bridges, inside parking structures, tunnels, urban cities, small-sized sets, and narrow alleys. Without any doubt though, its favorite playground is a high-speed car chase on a racetrack or curvy mountain road. From now on, your sequences can be as dynamic as your imagination.

  • The perfect tool for small sets and locations with low ceilings
  • Fast setup time, 15 minutes after receiving the camera package
  • No bucket which gives you more freedom in arm moves
  • Smaller, lower, lighter, and faster than any other arm
  • Active and passive stabilization in pan & tilt
  • Can be mounted on any vehicle
  • Precise and responsive control
  • Weather-resistant


Pan & Tilt Stabilization
Pan 360° in 4.5 seconds
Tilt 45° in 1.5 seconds

Arm Length:
3.63m / 12′

Max Lens Height:
3.42m / 11.2′

Max Operating Speed:
195kmh / 120mph

Total Operating Weight 180kg / 396lbs
Max Payload 30kg / 66lbs

4x 12V Battery – 48V DC
0.2A Standby
30A Dynamic Max

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