• U-Crane Telescope

      U-Crane Telescope

      Our legendary Academy Award-winning Autorobot U-Crane, better known as the ‘Russian Arm’ has an optional feature, a telescoping arm.

    • U-Crane 6

      U-Crane 6

      Our legendary Academy Award winning Autorobot, formerly known as Russian Arm.

    • U-Crane Dynamic

      U-Crane Dynamic

      The U-Crane Dynamic is a high performance robotic camera arm for dynamic filming.


    • Flight Head Q2

      Flight Head Q2

      The Flight Head Q2 is a gyrostabilized remote head with the newest direct-drive motor technology.

    • Flight Head TV

      Flight Head TV

      The 3-Axis gyrostabilized Flight Head TV is our newest remote head engineered for the broadcast industry. It fits any Mitchell mount camera crane or platform.

    • Flight Head 6S

      Flight Head 6S

      The Academy Award winning Flight Head is a true workhorse of the film industry. It is known to be one of the most reliable, user-friendly and powerful remote heads in the industry.

    • Flight Head Apex Mini

      Flight Head Apex Mini

      The Flight Head Apex Mini is a 3 axis stabilized camera remote head that meets every cinematic need and is lightweight yet highly rigid for the vast majority of cameras.

    • Flight Head Colibri

      Flight Head Colibri

      The 3-axis stabilized Flight Head Colibri is a precisely engineered carbon fiber remote head with direct drive motor technology to enhance your filming experiences.

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