The 3-axis gyrostabilized Flight Head TV is our newest carbon fiber remote camera head specifically developed for the broadcast industry. It combines stability, precision, portability to meet the demanding requirements of broadcast production environments. Flight Head TV ensures smooth and steady camera movements as well as precise control over camera movements. This innovative, ultra-lightweight, compact and durable remote head enables highly stable dynamic footage. It can be mounted on a variety of moving platforms including regular or telescopic cranes, dollies, camera tracking systems. Flight Head TV offers reliable performance, responsive and precise control as well as highly efficient operation.

  • Control via Joysticks, Handwheels, hand controller or Panbar
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Automatic Drift Compensation
  • Angular Position Indication
  • Hold Position for Every Axis
  • Autohorizon or Steerable Roll
  • Recorded Moves
  • Underslung / Overslung
  • Intuitive Touch Screen Display
  • F Mount / Mitchell Mount (on request)


Pan Range: 360° / 3 – 4 turns
Roll range: 360° / 3 – 4 turns
Tilt range: 360° / 3 – 4 turns
Speed Pan: 360° / 3sec
Temp. Range: -20°C / +40°C
Head weight: 13kg / 28.66lbs
Payload: up to 15kg / 33lbs


Voltage: 28-32V DC
Stand by: 2A
Dynamic Max (short time): 30A

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