Our legendary Academy Award-winning Autorobot U-Crane, better known as the ‘Russian Arm’ has an optional feature, a telescoping arm. The telescoping section mounts onto the original Russian Arm 6 turret and scopes from 13.5 feet up to 19 feet providing additional freedom when creating dynamic shots. Filmotechnic is the only company offering a U-Crane system with a telescoping ability.

The arm is fully controllable by joysticks from inside the vehicle and enables dynamic, stunning, and precisely controlled volumetric shots from just about any angle. It delivers breathtaking shots that immerse the audience into a scene, action, or space.

  • High torque, dynamic, smooth and precise operation
  • Build out of Carbon Fiber and Aluminum composites
  • Mounts onto the existing Russian Arm 6 turret
  • Intuitive and responsive control
  • Super light carbon fiber arm
  • Angle readout + Wall Mode
  • Limits, speed, damping
  • Individual presets
  • Quiet operation


Pan & Tilt

Telescoping Range:
3.9-5.8m / 13.5′-19′

Max Payload:
58kg / 130lbs

Pan axis: 360°
Tilt axis: +30° / -26°

Speed: 360° in 4 sec
Speed Extension 3ft / sec

Max lens height 6m / 20′

Operating Speed 180kmh / 112mph

Temp Range
-20°C / +50°C
4°F / 122°F

32 – 42V DC
Standby: 1A
Dynamic Max: 300A

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