Our legendary Academy Award winning U-CRANE has a reputation for reliability, innovation, outstanding mobility and filming productivity. This high-end extremely versatile technology allows for superior performance in speed, image stability, flexibility, control and enables an unprecedented wide range of tracking shots. U-CRANE is a gyrostabilized remotely operated camera arm that is mounted on a roof of camera car or any other specialized vehicle. The arm is fully controllable by joysticks from inside the vehicle and enables highly dynamic, stunning and precisely controlled volumetric shots from just about any angle. It delivers excitement, value, tension, increases emotions and immerses the audience into a scene, action and space. Used in combination with a stabilized Flight Head for breathtakingly smooth and stable on-the-fly shots.


Stabilization: Pan, Tilt
Length & Payload:
7.6m: 80kg
6.5m: 100kg
5.5m: 110kg
4.3m: 120kg
Pan axis: 360°
Speed: 360°/ less than 5sec
Tilt axis: ±45°
Operating temperatures: from -20C° up to +40C°


32 – 42V DC
Standby: 1A
Dynamic Max: 300A

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