FSS B.V. is part of the large Filmotechnic family and specializes in sales, initial service and training for the entire range of equipment developed and produced by Filmotechnic.


In 2006 Anatoliy Kokush proudly won two Oscar Awards at the 78th. Academy Awards for the concept and development of the U-Crane gyro-stabilized camera crane and the Flight Head. The other Oscar was awarded for the concept and development of the Cascade series of motion picture cranes.


Two other highlights in our 30 years of history was receiving the 2018 and 2010 Cinec award. The 2018 award was presented to us for our telescopic Russian Arm crane. The 2010 award was presented to us for our Camera Support-System the Russian Arm gyroscopic-stabilized camera crane. The Cinec Awards are presented by the prestigious Bavarian Society for the Advancement of Film Technology, and awarded to innovative and trendsetting products and developments of motion picture technology.


Filmotechnic, one of the industry’s largest providers of high performance camera systems to the entertainment industry, was just awarded a Cine Gear 2021 Technical Award (in the category Support Technology) for the series carbon fiber F17 and F27 Technoscope camera cranes. The award was presented to Academy-Award winning founder of Filmotechnic, cinema engineer Anatoly Kokush.

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